Our Features

Lead Collection & Delivery

Highly customized automated or manual lead collection and delivery tools are standard. Deliver your leads in real-time, on a schedule, or after a manual review. Filter leads based on the criteria set by you or your partners on a campaign or offer basis.

Real-time Reporting

Monitor and act effectively with real-time reporting data and alerts.

Targeting and Filtering

Ensure your campaigns are shown to only the people you are targeting with location and device targeting and filtering options.

Service Integrations

Automatically integrate your campaigns with a number of industry leading platforms and partners. Bring your existing partners to SageTrack seamlessly with our ever expanding list of platform integrations.

Partner Portal

Save time and money while empowering your partners with the self service partner portal. Your partners can view reports, place pixels, get creatives and tracking links.

Caps and Limits

Reduce overhead by setting automatic conversion caps for publishers, advertisers and campaigns.